About Me

I have been resisting the scrapbooking bug for years.  My mother is a scrapbooker and I knew that if I got into it I would go to the extreme!  I have a tendency to collect and collect and collect things if it is related to a hobby.  Well...I could not resist any longer.  In April of 2010 I bought a few scrapbooking items to give to my mom.  When I realized how much the products have changed over the years and how cute everything is nowadays I just HAD to start getting my own stuff!  I began by making a few cards with cute paper and clear stamps.  My mom kept trying to get me to make a scrapbook and to use her Cricut Expression machine.  But all of my photos were in storage, so I didn't see the point.  Little by little the Cricut chirped and chirped at me until I finally broke down and dug out my pictures from storage.  I am now an addicted scrapbooker and I am proud of it!  Add that to the list of my other hobbies and interests, such as beading and jewelry making, baking and collecting vintage kitchenware.  I know there is a way to merge all of these things together somehow.  I am bound and determined to find a way someday!!  In the meantime, you'll find me scrappin', bakin’, collectin’ and bloggin'. 

I have another little blog to cater to the bakers and collectors out there called Lollipop Jubilee.  Stop by and take a peek!
Thanks for visiting!  I hope you’ll come back often!